About HT

HT Transport & Spedition A/S is a family-owned logistics company founded on strong values with staff who take pride in serving our clients, as has been our custom since 1973.
HT was founded in Billund, where we still have our head office. We currently have more than 200 vehicles on the road on a daily basis, both in Denmark and mainland Europa. In addition to our vehicles on the road, we have more than 45,000 m2 of warehousing space, from which we process goods, in and out, on a daily basis.

HT Transport trailer

Informal Culture

HT is characterised by an informal culture and a flat organisation, where it doesn't take long to put thought to action. We exist to serve our clients and we hope to be able to help with your logistics needs too.
Feel free to contact us if you want to know more or read more about our history.

HT Trasport trailers in Billund Danmark


  • 1973

    HT Transport was founded by Henning Toftlund Hansen in Hovedgaden, Billund. HT started with freights moving from Jutland to Zealand (more specifically on the West Jutland-Copenhagen freight route, which was acquired by haulier Villy Thomsen). In 1973 our fleet consisted of 7 trucks and we employed 10 drivers. Henning Toftlund Hansen had previously worked as a freight forwarder at Brødrene Larsen in Vejle.

  • 1976

    HT Transport moved to its current location at Kløvermarken in Billund. The reason being the old premises had become too small and that we wanted to expand the business with the addition of a warehouse.

  • 1982

    The company added its own workshop for servicing its fleet. The service centre would be located on Thorsvej in Grindsted - where it still continues to service HT Transport's fleet right until this day.

  • 1989

    HT Transport's application for export driving is approved, which would mark the start of HT's specialisation in transportation to the area in and around Switzerland.

  • 1997

    HT Transport transforms into the public limited company HT Transport & Spedition A/S, in line with a generational change within the company.

  • 1998

    HT Transport celebrates its 25th anniversary

  • 2010

    Jørgen Poulsen is appointed Chief Operating Officer subsequent to Henning Toftlund Hansen passing away after a short illness.

  • 2013

    The freight part of Danske Fragtmænd gets sold off. This came as part of the hauliers' structural changes and as a recognition of the fact that this part of the company was no longer profitable.

  • 2014

    The ownership changes such that Casper and Marianne Toftlund Hansen each own 50% of HT Transport & Spedition A/S.

  • 2018

    HT Transport moves its administration into new offices while the old premises are renovated and furnished for the drivers, the warehouse office and canteen.

  • 2020

    Niclas Toftlund starts at HT Transport and three generations now work under the same roof within the company. Jørgen Poulsen chooses to retire, but continues in the company as chairman of the board. Marianne and Casper Toftlund Hansen become the new directors of the company.


HT Transport & Spedition's values:

  • Our word is our bond. Every commitment must be kept.
  • We are flexible and adaptable when it comes to providing for our clients needs.
  • We respect each other at all times.
  • We trust each other.
Old Mercedes truck with plane


By offering a superior service, we aim to be companies' preferred full-service carrier. Reliability, flexibility and precision are the qualities we are known for and which make us our clients’ carrier of choice.


We are a service-oriented transportation company that provides total logistics solutions. Our clients favour quality over price.
With the help of our committed, well trained, and service oriented staff we aim to provide our clients with a personal, high quality service, achieved through flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to our clients' needs.

Volvo and Scania HT Transport trucks

Quality Policy

At HT Transport & Spedition A/S we are committed to:

  • Be an attractive and professional partner and guarantee quality by means of a close collaboration between our company, our clients and our suppliers.
  • Deliver goods on time, at the right place and without being damaged.
  • Actively seek new opportunities for our clients and maintain a good insight into the market.
  • Our employees complying with our quality policy and working purposefully towards achieving our quality goals.
  • Our results constantly improving.
Quality at HT Transport

Environmental and Social Responsibility

At HT Transport & Spedition A/S, we place a strong emphasis on our social responsibility and, as a workplace, we take our responsibility for our employees and the impact we have on society very seriously. We prioritise forming long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, suppliers and other partners.

We work purposefully to reduce our fuel consumption and, in doing so, limit CO2 emissions. When buying new trucks, the focus is on a high Euronorm, as well as low fuel consumption, with the result that 97% of our fleet is EUR5 or higher. Our drivers' fuel consumption is monitored electronically and the drivers are taught how to drive in an environmentally-friendly way. On top of that, we place a strong focus on optimising our day-to-day planning, to reduce fuel consumption.
We have sensors installed in our warehouses to switch the lights on and off automatically and we are in the process of replacing all our sources of light to LED. Our forklifts are for the greater part, being replaced with electric forklifts. Where possible, we try to recycle all by-products.
We, naturally, comply with all applicable legal requirements pertaining to environmental matters in the countries in which we operate.

HT Transport trucks in the forest

Employee Relations

We try to offer our employees a good and safe workplace, where everyone treats each other with respect. We try to offer our employees other work tasks if they are unable to carry out their normal work during certain periods. There is no upper age limit for the employees and new recruits are continuously being trained.


We comply with all international and national laws and regulations, and we distance ourselves from corruption in every form.

Service Centre

All HT vehicles are serviced and repaired at our own service centre, located in Grindsted. Whether our fleet includes Scania, Volvo, Mercedes or other brands, we are able to service our vehicles. We've had our own workshop since 1982, and in 2019 our service centre was expanded by 300 m2 and also modernised, so that both our employees and vehicles could enjoy the most optimal conditions. By having a workshop under our own roof, we can offer a 100% guarantee that the vehicles we send out on the roads are in order and comply with every applicable legal requirement.
In addition to servicing and repairing vehicles in our workshop, we also have the possibility to wash our trucks and trailers at our own washing station.

Trucks in the workshop

Trade Conditions

All our road transportation (both national and international) is carried out in accordance with the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (the CMR Act).

All other assignments are performed in accordance with the Nordic Freight Forwarders' Association's General Conditions (NSAB 2000).

When storing anything at HT Transport & Spedition A/S' locations, the client pays for insurance against fire, water and theft themselves. HT Transport & Spedition A/S doesn't take out insurance to cover for this liability.

HT Transport office Billund